Alpha Technik Restrictor Kit FAQ

How does the restrictor work?

Most of our restrictors simply limit the maximum opening of the throttle by way of a 'throttle stop' restrictor. This is the best option as it does not alter the performance characteristics of the motorcycle, it simply stops you using the top end of the power range. We also supply some 'inlet reducer' restrictors, which limit the airflow in to the engine.

Why buy an Alpha Technik restrictor?

Alpha Technik restrictors are the only product on the market in the UK which goes through the rigorous testing process to ensure that they will restrict your model, and will not cause any negative effects on your performance or reliability. You can be sure that your bike is legal and will not suffer any damage as a result of the restriction. All kits are independently approved by TüV in Germany.

Can I fit the restrictor kit myself?

We always recommend that the kit is fitted by a competent mechanic. The kit must be correctly fitted as per our instructions, and is only suitable for the one model type as detailed on the certificate.

Will the restriction be logged on an insurance or police database?

It is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any modifications including power restriction. There is no official database of restricted motorcycles. Any body claiming to have such a database does not have all of the data, nor would the data be accurate as the restrictor could be removed at any time.

Will the restrictor be checked as part of the MoT test?

No. The MoT test is to check the roadworthiness of the vehicle, and not it's suitability for one class of license or another. The capacity of a 50cc moped is also not checked, for example.

Where can I buy an Alpha Technik restrictor kit?

Please contact your local motorcycle dealer, as we do not supply directly to end users.

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