Winter is coming, but keep customers cozy with these easy-to-fit heated over-grips from Daytona.

They require no permanent change to the bike, so can be removed for the summer or transferred to another machine. These over-grips provide essential warmth for safe riding in the colder months, wrap around the original grips and feature a simple on/off switch. Fitting is straight forward either connecting direct to the battery or an ignition controlled accessory feed.  And being a Daytona product, they are manufactured to a very high quality in Japan.

They are attractively priced and will appeal to riders who appreciate being able to easily remove them and training schools wanting the ease of swapping them to a new bike.

Larsson supply a range of Daytona heated grips including the very popular integrated switch models with or without battery cut-off, models for 1” custom bars with integrated or separate switch, versions for ATV/Quad bikes that use a thumb throttle and a traditional version for bikes with a separate controller.

See our full range of heated grips HERE.

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