Larsson UK supply over 45,000 parts for 20,000 motorcycles, scooters and ATVs to trade customers in the UK and Ireland. We are the one-stop shop for motorcycle parts.  For any queries, please contact our sales team on 01536 265633.

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For any queries, please contact our sales team on 01536 265633.


Capit Suprema Tyre Warmers added to the range

Suprema Spina is the excellence of tyrewarmers. It has all details that the technicians of the best teams require and appreciate, such as higher side bands, 36 pleats (18 per side) sewn manually outside right to ensure the "spherical shape" as well as exclusive "TNT" self-adjusting technology and a silicone supply cable.

ALL BALLS Starter Motors for Harley Davidson

Any Harley Davidson Big Twin can benefit from a starter motor with a bit more muscle. The stock unit is frequently hard-pressed to overcome the infamous starter "grunt" that happens every so often when you want to light the bike up.

New range of KTM Stealth orange/black sprockets

Stealth sprockets are the perfect compromise between weight and durability. Each sprocket has a anodized aluminum center with long lasting hardened steel teeth. The steel teeth also offer greater life for your whole system. Not just the sprocket, but the chain and front sprocket as well. If you are looking for the ultimate in quality and performance, this sprocket will meet your demand. FITS...


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